London part two: Borough Market // Tate Modern

March 10th, 2012

Here’s another picture of our friend Riley in London. The UK is largely responsible for much of contemporary menswear’s style and cuts making it historically responsible for most of menswear’s shape. It’s where they invented half the stuff we wear as men. As boys, the successive generations of post war youth, influenced by black culture from America and Jamaica, adopted as well as adapted these classic cuts and transformed them into Mods, Rockers and a million other sub cultures. From these shifting classics came some of our personally favorite labels, three of which are represented in these pictures. Burberry is a well known high end label, but there is another label- less known, more expensive and definitely riskier in their approach to design. Pringle of Scotland, like Burberry, is designed in the UK and crafted in Italy. You really can’t get any classier than that. Another English label, Agent Provocateur, turns risky into risque by sourcing fine materials from across Europe and crafting them into some of the worlds best and most desired lingerie. Started by a guy who came up calling Vivenne Westwood his mom, AP started way before Victoria’s Secret and will always subtly nod it’s head to the 70’s punk era that gave it its origins.

Once again: Coat by PRINGLE of SCOTLAND. Scarf by BURBERRY. Renae Lingerie by AGENT PROVOCATEUR. Shot by Studio MG. When you dress like this you can hang out is places like Borough Market, The Tate Modern and walk across the Millennium Bridge towards St. Pauls Cathederal… ¬†looking all dashing and shit in the rain as most of America dresses like it’s at the gym.


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