Sightings and Updates

June 12th, 2012

Our products have been spotted on TV again recently and a couple of MadGods contributing artists have been busy on some projects and recently sent us some photos that we’d like to share.


Earlier at this years SXSW we debuted  3 new designs featuring original Frances Vallejo work. FV sent us the pic above from behind the scenes of a series of shoots he is art directing in preparation for a special edition project that will include a special print and publication. Keep on the look out for future updates from this project that will have collaborations with some of Texas top photographers. For the first shoot Frances produced some large format canvas prints that you can see here courtesy of his instagram.

For more on Francis’ work checkout


 Josh Row AKA DANG! has quickly become one of Austin’s fave indie artists. Following his mural for FRANKS’s public space wall,  Dang’s signature style was commissioned by CONVERSE for a mural on Austin’s infamous 6th Street. A photo of that mural showed up as a back cover advertisement on the latest issue of Juxtapose.

Here’s a pic the artist posted on FB right after opening his mail. It’s a good look for Josh and we are real happy for him.

See more of Josh’s work here

And finally our good friend, fan and professional interior designer Kris Swift has been rocking MadGods as he competes on the latest season of HGTV’s DesignStar. Kris has been a keen connoisseur of art, fashion and design for life and has done very well as an interior designer. Most notably, to fans of MadGods, designing the interior of‘s flagship store in Austin, Texas. He’s been surprising us with random updates of our products cameo’s on twitter. Here’s a pic of Kris wearing Beware Echelon from the second episodes White Room Challenge segment. He’s still in it- and still rocking MG-  so join us in wishing Kris a swift win!

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