Behind the scenes with MORGARRUYA

September 20th, 2012

We’ve been working on a video project with our girl Brilliant. That’s her real name, Brilliant. We started the project in Los Angeles, but recently Brill came thru Texas for some personal stuff so we decided to put some more work in while she was here.  And when she came she  brought a crew including our friend and supporter Morgan who we haven’t seen since we met at Kixpo last year. In fact, Kixpo is where we met our boy Fang who introduced us to Brilliant in the first place- so it’s nice when things come full circle like that. Morgan posted some behind the scene shots she took while we worked and posted it on her personal blog MORGARRUYA. We posted some of our favorite pics from the set below but you can  follow the link back to Morganrruya to see the whole set. Stay tuned to see more updates on this special bi-coastal video project. Until then, PAZ!

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