Sucka Free Niners Colorway.

January 24th, 2013

MadGods is Texas born and based but things started in San Francisco in the 90’s. Growing up a fan of the Raiders and Oilers the shit talk between Niner and Cowboy’s fans never really mattered until you’re a Texan living between the Mission District and South City SF. This is basically the left and right ventricles of the 49er’s heart (if you do your peninsular knowledge) and the shit talking was large because this was the Montana/Young/Rice vs Aikman/Smith/Irving era. You had to claim Da Boys to have Texan pride in DaMayor‘s town so allegiances were defacto. Dallas got most of those wins back then but the Niner’s are in the super bowl this year and many of our loved ones would be pretty stoked at their wine, cheese & weed tailgate parties if the 9er’s take it.  To give and get some BayLove we decided to do a quick drop of our pyramid studded leather MadGods Script Logo on a Niners Red Beanie to show love for those cold Candlestick nights. Here’s a quick couple of shots we took on a recent visit with our girl Drea from House of Mamasan. She’s gold blooded. Available at limited retailers.


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