July 8th, 2013

We got a couple of nice updates regarding the PELIGROSA crew. First off, they had a nice  feature on the nationally televised PBS program ARTS IN CONTEXT. You can check out the trailer below or click here to enjoy the full episode.


Watch Peligrosa Trailer on PBS. See more from Arts in Context.

And just before the airing of that episode came the first official PELIGROSA PARTY at it’s original location, Creekside, in Austin, Texas. After a spring hiatus the boys lit up the floor with some much anticipated summer heat. The capacity was hit by 11 so you know it was a good one. Austin Mayor Lee Leffingwell was so stoked he declared the 8th Peligrosa Day in Austin, Texas (no shit)…

…and you know MadGods. We made a tshirt to celebrate. Mashing the iconic PE logo with the Danger squad aesthetic to create this soft blend vintage style rocker tee. Here are some shots of the fiesta from Peligrosa’s own Commandante Marquitos.  MadGods tee.s worn by DJ’s Chorizo Funk and King Louie.



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