MadGods y Peligrosa Europa MMXIII Belgica y Germania

September 8th, 2013


Day 6 of Peligrosa’s European tour and we arrive in Bruxelles, Belgium early on a Sunday holiday. This place is the good life.

It’s how I imagine Austin, Texas must feel to out of towners. But colder. This one was a quickie full of highlights. Louie, Orion and myself were scooped up by Max De Laron, of Lowup,  who put together this shindig with Regulate/Let’s Dance’s Dave Luxe . The surprise was finding out we were crashing at the crib of the infamous super genius DJ Mellow, whose room-mate Genevieve and cat Kimchi made sure our stay was as comfortable as possible. O’Apostrophe was the venue for the evening, a DJ friendly restaurant/bar attached to the guilded La Grand Place. It supplied us with a crowd mixed with heads from Paris, Africa, Wisconsin and beyond. Marvin from Booty Clap Paris was in the house with the homie Yusef. Many new friends were made. Until the cops showed up to shut us down and we broke out and grabbed crazy Belgian munchies from the corner store.

Late night pasta bolognese, all day street kebabs , coffee con leche all day and an afternoon assortment of French fromage with fresh patisserie’s. And bier. Lot’s of Belgian bier’s. And chocolate. And weed. Sweet legal marijuana. Watching the sun rise again while Mellow digs through his crates for choice selections. This was the closest we came to missing a flight.

Off to Berlin. We had a couple days here, which was nice because Berlin is one of our favorite cities. Its reputation as a center for worldwide youth culture, start up companies, great transportation you can drink bier on combined with a vast network of  DJ culture makes it an ideal landscape for us. (and for some reason it has great Asian food- which helps make up for the fact that there’s really not any taco’s in Europe.) It’s a pretty chill place with a great vibe. We got to connect with a lot of friends before the gig at the FOREVER YOUNG party inside Cassiopeia. Isa GT of Etoro Records and our host Alex both performed alongside Orion and Louie …. Marflix of Riddims Tropicale Radio, Shawn Reynaldo of XLR8R /IceeHot, Jelka of tropical and Ali GuaGua of Cumbia Queers were all in the house to support. Special thanks to Pablito and Shobha for letting us crash and thanks to  Tex at the apple store in Kurfurstendamm. (The employees at this apple store have an almost creepy Austin fetish.)


1. The motto at MOEDER LAMBIC is “Beer is the answer.” So there you go. And the selection of Belgian comics is great, too.

2. Wifi access is must for travelers and Berlin has 30 minutes free wifi city-wide. But when that runs out go to BASECAMP. A genius concept of an actual internet provider creating cafe’s with free wifi.

3. I told you there’s good Asian eats in Berlin. Get some traditional hole in the wall style Taiwanese beef noodle bowls at LON-MEN’s Noodle House. It’s cheap, fast and the guy working there has a smile that’s borderline sinister. I have to mention BUDDHA HAUS which serves great Tibetan, Nepalese  and Thai food in an awesome urban European courtyard. The ginger tea saved my life.

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MadGods_y_Peligrosa_Beligica_Germania_590002 MadGods_y_Peligrosa_Beligica_Germania_590003 MadGods_y_Peligrosa_Beligica_Germania_590004 MadGods_y_Peligrosa_Beligica_Germania_590005 MadGods_y_Peligrosa_Beligica_Germania_590006 MadGods_y_Peligrosa_Beligica_Germania_590010MadGods_y_Peligrosa_Beligica_Germania_590007 MadGods_y_Peligrosa_Beligica_Germania_590008 MadGods_y_Peligrosa_Beligica_Germania_590009  MadGods_y_Peligrosa_Beligica_Germania_590011MadGods_y_Peligrosa_Beligica_Germania_590012 MadGods_y_Peligrosa_Beligica_Germania_590015 MadGods_y_Peligrosa_Beligica_Germania_590016 MadGods_y_Peligrosa_Beligica_Germania_590017 MadGods_y_Peligrosa_Beligica_Germania_590018 MadGods_y_Peligrosa_Beligica_Germania_590021 MadGods_y_Peligrosa_Beligica_Germania_590022 MadGods_y_Peligrosa_Beligica_Germania_590023 MadGods_y_Peligrosa_Beligica_Germania_590025 MadGods_y_Peligrosa_Beligica_Germania_590026 MadGods_y_Peligrosa_Beligica_Germania_590027 MadGods_y_Peligrosa_Beligica_Germania_590028 MadGods_y_Peligrosa_Beligica_Germania_590029MadGods_y_Peligrosa_Beligica_Germania_590030 MadGods_y_Peligrosa_Beligica_Germania_590031 MadGods_y_Peligrosa_Beligica_Germania_590032 MadGods_y_Peligrosa_Beligica_Germania_590035MadGods_y_Peligrosa_Beligica_Germania_590036 MadGods_y_Peligrosa_Beligica_Germania_590037 MadGods_y_Peligrosa_Beligica_Germania_590038 MadGods_y_Peligrosa_Beligica_Germania_590039 MadGods_y_Peligrosa_Beligica_Germania_590040 MadGods_y_Peligrosa_Beligica_Germania_590041 MadGods_y_Peligrosa_Beligica_Germania_590043MadGods_y_Peligrosa_Beligica_Germania_590044MadGods_y_Peligrosa_Beligica_Germania_590045MadGods_y_Peligrosa_Beligica_Germania_590046MadGods_y_Peligrosa_Beligica_Germania_590047MadGods_y_Peligrosa_Beligica_Germania_590048MadGods_y_Peligrosa_Beligica_Germania_590049 MadGods_y_Peligrosa_Beligica_Germania_590050 MadGods_y_Peligrosa_Beligica_Germania_590051  MadGods_y_Peligrosa_Beligica_Germania_590053 MadGods_y_Peligrosa_Beligica_Germania_590052MadGods_y_Peligrosa_Beligica_Germania_590054 MadGods_y_Peligrosa_Beligica_Germania_590055 MadGods_y_Peligrosa_Beligica_Germania_590056 MadGods_y_Peligrosa_Beligica_Germania_590057 MadGods_y_Peligrosa_Beligica_Germania_590058

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