MadGods Y Peligrosa Europa MMXIII Skandinavia: Bevar Christiania

September 8th, 2013


The third and final leg of Peligrosa’a European tour brings us back to the Scandic countries of Denmark, Christiania and Sweden.

A super special thank you goes to Asa (Stockholm) and Cesar (Malmo) who flew us out to Europe as part of a program that specializes in bringing Latin based music artists to perform for the Swedish public. And a mos-definite  shout out to the homies DJ AWAX for letting us barrow his crib a couple nights and MAKKS for just being Makks.

But before we get to Sweden we must pilgrimage to our adopted home nation of freetown Christiania to recharge our souls at our personal Mecca, Green Alley on Pusher Street. Upon getting our hearts and minds aligned we proceed to the gig in Kobenhaven’s Meat Packing District. Located inside Barvenue Bakken, Peligrosa played THRST, a grimy sweatbox party hosted by COPYFLEX of the European Dancehall Champion YoFOK SOUNDSYSTEM. YoFok also supported with a HipHop heavy opening set that made sure the dance floor was ready for Peligrosa’a brand of Texas Cumbia Crunk. We even ran into our old KnuckleRumblr friend Vanessa G who was visiting from her new job in London. And then another sunrise. I don’t remember the walk home. After another marathon day and night in Denmark we had to get all the way back to Sweden to sleep so I think my mind blocked out the trip home to Malmo.

Malmo, Sweden sits just a few kilometers across a straight from Kobenhavn but is a world away in many ways. Less dense and devoid of tourists, this city is populated with a world class menagerie of beautiful women, distant Latin, Middle Eastern, African and Asian influenced foods and a culture that blends together every weekend to support music and dance culture at community establishments such as the Moriskan. The Moriskan has become a second home to us. A multi room pavilion inside Folks Park, the bistro at Moriskan serves up one of  the best dishes on the planet. The Grissida is a 12 hour fried pork belly.  This giant chicharrone style crisped skin slab of swine is served with roasted beet roots, parsley roots and lukewarm apples. It’s become sacred, legend. **drools**

This time around Peligrosa would move into the big room and the sound provided was ample enough to keep the crowd juiced to the end. An opening set by SAFTIG  DJ’s Simon de La Onda and Vejbi Dolores got shit started and from there it was another late night fiesta. The More Hotel provided the breakfast to get us through the long train ride north to Stockholm for our final gig.

Stockholm is the genesis of this whole event. Our host Asa, and the program they provide at the Sodra Teatern made this tour possible. Peligrosa’a event was  hosted in one of the most opulent in style and class spaces you can imagine… but still they invite us to come turn it out. It’s was so amazing and fun, the perfect wrap up for this tour, that being trapped at the Arlanda airport for 36 hours the next day doesn’t even seem so bad now. Special shout out to the homie La Bamba Music (who hosted us last year) for showing up and supporting!


1. Go to Christiania.

2. Stay at the More Hotel in Malmo. The free breakfast is bomb. And it used to be a chocolate factory.

3. If you get stuck at Arlanda airport in Stockholm and you’ve only slept for an hour and a half, still kinda drunk and really spaced out because you’ve been through passport control twice (in two directions so it feels like 4 times) remember this: There is a hostel inside SkyCity called Rest and Fly were you can crash out, shit, shower, shave all for a few bucks and never leave the airport.

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